What are the goals of your business for the summer months? Have you made a plan or are you just hustling to get through each month?

I know what I need to get done tomorrow. I will get those “must complete” items finished no matter how many interruptions come my way.

I have a plan for this month and next month. Sometimes I go far astray from my plan but I always end up better than if I lacked a plan entirely.

I address this post mostly to smaller businesses.

You should have a plan. You should plan time and resources for R&D. No matter how small your business is, you must have a time and expense budget for developing new offerings or those new offerings will never become reality or, at best, will fall far behind your intended schedule.

There are two plans essential to your success.

1. What really needs to get done tomorrow? (And WILL get done)  Can I see your list?  Don’t load it up with crazy “ought” to do items. This is a commitment. You will get these items done. Right?

2. R&D  If you don’t plan R&D for the month, you won’t do it.  People are very busy these days. The last thing on their list is looking at some “might work” item or writing specs for a product that doesn’t exist or thinking up a new service to offer! If you don’t plan R&D you will fall behind the very fast market stream. Don’t let that happen.

Your plans don’t have to be perfect. Doing plans on a regular basis will make you better at making and executing plans.

Chris Reich

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