TeachU Knows MarketingIt goes like this, a Priest and a Rabi walk into a restaurant. They look around and leave. A nice young couple then walk in. They look around and leave. An elderly couple come in. They too look around and leave. But wait! A large group just came in! Looks like four couples out on the town. They look around, talk a little, leave.

Finally, a guy comes in dressed in a nice business suit. He looks around, approaches the counter and announces, “just one, please.”

He’s seated. He orders and eats his meal. The owner comes over and asks if he enjoyed the food. The man replies, “it’s great! I really liked the meatloaf.” Then the man asks, “the food is good so why is it so slow?”

The owner replies…here’s the punchline…”Lousy marketing. I’m going to fire the guy and run a big ad.”

Why did the man start laughing when he got outside the restaurant?

If you have a business and don’t get the punchline, the joke may be on you.

Chris Reich, TeachU