Today I want you to think about a question.

At what point in your business sales process does customer service enter the picture?

If I’ve just heard about your company and need information, is that “customer” service or “pre-sale”?

Now I want you to think about this. Yeah, yeah. Everyone knows this but I rarely see it in practice. Customer service should be a part of every aspect of your business from product design to marketing to sales to shipping. Duh.

But customer service needs to part of your buying and accounting departments. I’m tired of accountants who treat customers poorly over an accounting error or a one day late payment. I’m tired of corporate buyers treating customers like vendors—“We’re shipping in 3 weeks and can’t do any better.”

Stop it.

Customer service is everybody’s job. That’s so basic I hate to even say it. So why aren’t you getting the message????

Chris Reich knows there isn’t anyone at your business who couldn’t be doing a better job.