Grade Your Performance 
In spite of institutional education’s desire to move away from grading, it works. Grading works with people who are motivated to achieve. Calling it only a letter grade is like calling marriage only a piece of paper. People who do things right know better.
So this begs the question, do you have any systems in place to grade or at least monitor, your own performance?
I don’t care if you are CEO of a Fortune 50 company or a small business owner operating from your spare bedroom, you need to set up a system to measure and grade your own performance.
If you are that small business owner, you know you need to do your marketing. Write a blog post. Send an article to the local paper. You need to do something every week. You know this. Do you do it or does half of your day end up in the black hole of Facebook? Does your time go to endless meetings without ever taking a measurement of what those meetings accomplish?
Pick 3 things that you know will help your business.
At the end of each week, give yourself a grade. How did you do with each item?
After a few Fs, you’ll find yourself trying a little harder to raise your business GPA. You will.
It works. I’ve done it for myself and I’ve set systems up for others. It works.
Don’t wait.