Here are some things I’m really sick of coming from the marketing universe:

1. I’m already sick of Black Friday
2. I’m sick of Black Friday being moved UP a week so they can squeeze MORE out of us.
3. I’m sick of guilt based advertising. (Be a good parent and buy your 5 year old an I-Pad)
4. I’m sick of ads that start with with “This cray trick…” or “Doctors hate this mom for losing weight easily…” PUKE
5. I’m sick of those fast sketch, suck you into a scam video ads—you know, the ones where they are supposedly drawing everything.
6. I’m sick of hearing that social media is so critical to business even though Facebook’s base is shrinking FAST!
       (Note: It looks to me like social media doesn’t even work well for social media companies!)
7. I’m sick of laziness. People prefer a tweet of a quick sentence to actually reading an article! And books? WAY too long. Ugh.
8. I’m sick of people who want cheap and expect great. You get what you pay for. Let’s encourage quality.
9. I’m sick of seeing ethics die in business.

Whew, I feel better.

Chris Reich, Teachu, Founder of BizPhyZ
Chris@TeachU.com  (Tell me YOUR rants!)