I want to see Ford come out swinging as the first step toward actually rebuilding our economy.

NEW YORK – Toyota dealers across the country were swamped with calls Wednesday from concerned drivers but had few answers a day after the company announced it would stop selling and building eight models because of faulty gas pedals.

Ford! Here’s what we want.

Give us a decent-sized reliable vehicle that gets reasonable mileage with plenty of power and we’ll buy it. (Taurus)

Give us the best pick-up truck on the market. (F-150)

Give us a respectable economy car that will last for 250,000 miles. (Fusion)

And give us a world-class hybrid. (???)

Design these cars from warranty and service backward. Don’t cover only the engine and transmission—cover all the little crap that really ticks off the consumer when ‘it’ falls off. Having to cover that stuff for 6 years/100k miles will bring out the best in your engineers. Be bold and do it. People will talk.

Now is the time to grab market share and build a loyal base. Worry less less about cost and more about building loyalty and market share. DO REMARKABLE THINGS.

The opportunity is here. Now. Carpe the car market!

What about YOUR business? Are you posting record results as Apple is? Why not? You could be.

Chris Reich wants to see a real rebuilding of the U.S. economy.