I am having a horrible experience with this collection of companies. They link together like a den of rattlesnakes. Though the relationships are vague, they exist and will bite you from the beginning to the end of your business relationship. You are far better off to avoid them.


These collection of companies are cheap and attractive on the surface. But should you want any control over your domain, you’ll be in for a nightmare. I am in the slow, painful and dangerous process of getting out from under DomainsbyProxy and WildWestDomains. Dangerous? Why dangerous?

In spite of supplying every possible password necessary, and verifying receipt by email, I had to submit full color copies of my driver’s license and business license to get out. Approval is still pending. I would never, ever, recommending giving this information to anyone. But I must to escape their clutches. If my identity is stolen, we can start the investigation with WildWestDomains.

I have moved ChrisReich.org away from the aforementioned coven. I moved the hosting and domain registration out of their claws. Hopefully I will be completely out soon.

This was my sole venture away from MyHosting.com and it was regrettable. I was lured by a $2 per month savings. Foolish. I’ve now spent hours and hours just trying to exit DomainsbyProxy.

Setting up a new site? Go with MyHosting.com  They won’t let you down.

Chris Reich, Business Advisor