I’m not going to even try to come up with a business parallel. I offer this for fun and perhaps to stimulate thinking—-fun thinking. Because we need to have fun at work!

This was made by the artist walking backward through various events and then reversing the video playing apparently, though oddly,  forward. This causes all sorts of strange happenings.

I will draw a business parallel. When I watched this, I immediately wanted to make one of my own! Doesn’t it look fun?

He’s had over 1 million views.

So, have you created anything lately that stimulated that kind of interest? Why not? Have you tried? (It’s not easy)

And perhaps this is a more important question. When you see this, do you want to try it yourself? I think the answer to that question says a lot about who you are…  Do things outside of the ordinary stimulate YOU to act?


What’s so great about a guy who can walk? In this case, the artist, Messe Kopp, walked backward while the video was filmed. It looks like he’s walking forward only because the video is actually playing in reverse.

The effect is pretty neat. Table legs fly from Kopp’s hands. Picture frames start out broken and then