Here’s a simple idea to improve your business. Get an inexpensive notebook—not a computer, the paper kind though you could use your computer. I think this is best done on paper so you’ll look at it, however.

At the end of every day, make two entries.

First, put down something where you blew it. Write up something you didn’t handle well or something that went wrong in your day that was within your control. For example, did you choose the wrong words with a customer or patient? Did you price something wrong? Did you fail to deliver on a promise? Did you get caught up in a time-wasting email exchange that could have been avoided with a phone call? Write it down.

Then, make an entry for something you did well. What did you do today that you are proud of? Did you learn something new? Did you try something new that seemed to work out well? Write it up.

In a short time you’ll have a valuable set of notes. You’ll see patterns emerge. You’ll see your strengths and you’ll see your areas in need of improvement.

If you act on your writings, you’ll get ‘better’.  Guaranteed.

Do it for a month. If you benefit from the exercise, pick up a few notebooks for key staff members and have them do it. Tell them you won’t look at their notes unless everyone agrees and wants to share their entries. That’s not really necessary. This is more of a self-improvement exercise.

The goal is get BETTER at what you do.

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
[email protected]