OK, as we wrap up May, we launch into the summer season. There is a distinct change in business. What are you doing to adjust? I recommend:


  • Update your website (nothing makes a business look more flaky than a copyright that’s 5 years old or a link to nowhere. Under construction? That hasn’t been done since the 90s.)

  • Review what you sell. Is it what the market wants? Have you kept up with change or are you coasting? Can you update your products at reasonable cost? Can you add new services?

  • Have a meeting! Get the team together and discuss new ideas going forward. This can be fun and will pay huge dividends if done correctly.

  • Start an education program. Get a few DVDs or books. Give incentives—get some group discussions going on. Education builds morale.

  • Do nothing. Your days are numbered and you don’t care if your business survives beyond 5 years. If that’s the case, don’t spend any effort trying to make things better. Status Quo got you this far, retirement is closing in, do nothing.


Best wishes for a great summer!


Chris Reich, TeachU