Okay, I need new business cards. I need them now.

So I go online to OverNightPrints and use their tools and my images and layout skills to design the perfect business card. It’s original, never been done.

After placing the order, I realize that I need cards for ChrisReich.Org too. But, since I’ve already placed the order, I can’t combine the insanely expensive shipping charges. The shipping is expensive because I need next day air, not OverNightPrints fault.

I called their superb customer service people to see if they can help me combine my orders. Sure. They were so helpful, I actually doubled my order. They didn’t suggest it. I just did. Service matters.

But here’s the real story.

When I called to combine my orders, the woman who took the call asked for my order number. I gave it. When she pulled up the order, she gasped. Hummm. “Are you sure you want this design?” she asked.

Yes. Yes, I do. Do you hate it? “Yes, yes I do,” she replied. She then offered to connect me with a professional designer for some “help”.

“Let me pull up your order,” the designer tells me. “Wow! This is really different. I like what you did here. I mean, it’s really different but I like it. Interesting idea.”

Question for you is this. Should I keep the design or change it? One person, not a designer, hated it. One person, a designer, loved it. Little, maybe none of my work is with designers so there’s a very good chance most people aren’t going to like my card.

I was thrilled and kept the design. Why? “It’s really different” is best compliment imaginable.

Would you be afraid to hand a card to a CEO after someone said “yuck, I hate this card”?

I’m not. In fact, I find that very, very encouraging.

First, I want to be different.

Second, if I’m judged negatively based on a small, disposable piece of glossy paper, that’s probably not someone I would want to work with.

Chris Reich  It takes courage to be different. 

By the way, drop me a note and I’ll send you a card. Then you can give me YOUR opinion! (I can’t send them out until I get back from New Mexico on the 10th)