For Sale: Growing and Profitable Business

Put that ad in any newspaper and the phone will ring before the ink dries.

There is demand for businesses that are making money. There are millions of people with “nest eggs” who would trade their boss for a business in a minute.

Now consider this. If you want to sell your car, you clean it up. Wash and wax. You might give it a tune-up. Often people decide not to sell after fixing up a car, boat, home, etc.

So what about your business?

Not that you need to, or want to sell your business. But if you constantly looked at your business through the eyes of a potential buyer, you would certainly keep it in better condition. You’d probably spruce things up.

Most importantly, you’d build the balance sheet. Lower debt, care for assets, raise margins, increase profits, train employees.

If a potential buyer walked in the door, you’d want your employees to project competence. After all, the new owner will want qualified, responsible employees. You’d want the place to look sharp.

Hey! Aren’t these the things that every business should be doing whether for sale or not?


Chris Reich