When the economy is bad, it’s like this: You are a klutz with zits and a super model just said “hi” to you. (Females, gays, transgenders or those simply unsure may substitute gender roles as necessary)

The best approach is to immediately qualify her, right? How many guys did you date last year? What is your forecast for this year? How much did each date typically spend on you?

Then, before she answers—you can get the answers by email, in fact, you have a form she can fill out so you need not listen to her at all. Move on by telling her how great you are. Be sure to list every possible positive trait because you have no idea what might appeal to her.

Then, when you sense (you do have great senses or you wouldn’t be in this position, right?) the time is right, hit her with a written quote. Yes. I will:

Buy you drinks: $25
Buy You Dinner: $85
(It’s very good to get the amounts in writing right away. That’s what she really wants. How much? That’s all she cares about and YOU know it!)

Be sure to mention again about how great your service is. You’ll pick her up on time, get her home on time. You always have. You pride yourself in always being “on time”.

Then, give her your email address and the “qualification” form. Let her know you’ll need those forecasts right away. Hop to it honey. If she wants access to this great “on time” service of yours, she’ll need to qualify.

And don’t worry if you never hear from her again because you know it’s a tough market. Do this process enough times and eventually you will get a date.

I hope you’re paying attention. The economy is tough. Customers do NOT need YOU. You cannot sell them on how great your product or service is. They want to get to know you a little before the first date. If you don’t slow your sales process down, you will kill your sales.

Finally, unless your product is custom-made, there is NO REASON TO MAKE THE CUSTOMER ASK FOR THE PRICE. Why? It’s like car sales. When the salesman gives you the price, do you believe it’s the best price you can get? No. Remember, people who do not like that sort of process, leave.

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
[email protected]