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Business Partnership: Where is the Love?

“I know this shouldn’t matter but my business partner never tells me I’m doing a good job. Am I being petty?”

Just Do Your Job!

Assuming there is some agreement about duties, shouldn’t partners just do their jobs? Yes, of course. But it’s still important to support each other as partners. As owners, partners in a business share responsibility and the liability as well the benefits of entrepreneuership. Telling your partner that you appreciate their contribution is part of being a good business partner.

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People get discouraged when they aren’t acknowledged.

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Only Give Recognition if You Mean It

If your partner isn’t performing, don’t lay on the praise because they will recognize your insincerity. I know when I’ve done a great job and I know when I’ve come up short. Getting false praise when you know you’ve blown it hurts more than it helps. Your partner knows when she’s done a great job.

So if you don’t mean it, don’t do it. But what to do instead?

If your partner is, in your opinion, under-performing, ask a question rather than try to praise the problem away or worse, by trying to motivate by constructive criticism. It rarely comes across as constructive. Ask, is everything okay with you? Are feeling okay these days? Are you feeling stress from the business? These questions are open-ended and invite dialogue. 

If you are pleased with the work your partner is doing, say it! We ALL like to hear it. In the most bitter mediation sessions I conduct, the most common complaint is, “he never says anything good about what I do.”

Would your partner say that about you?

Chris Reich, Business Partnership Mediator

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“If your partner is, in your opinion, under-performing, ask a question rather than try to praise the problem away or worse, by trying to motivate by constructive criticism. It rarely comes across as constructive.”

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