If it isn’t broken, break it! Why?

This drives improvement. Nothing will drag a business down to the point of no return more

reliably than improving a product or process that is becoming outdated. That’s entropy at work!

Worked with a business this week that had a poorly performing website. He asked me what to fix. I told him to scrap it completely and make a fresh start. He did it. I gave a little feedback and technical guidance and his site immediately gained traffic.

It’s only been a week and this site is now gaining traction in search position.

Sometimes there are things that need to be fixed.

But I recommend looking for things to break. Yes, look for them.

This is especially important when the competition is tough. Improvements won’t cut it. Be bold enough to start fresh.

Chris Reich, TeachU.com

FW:89 (Yes, still! But I had to do some research in Ulysses that is paying off)