A business is only as good as its people.

I could end this post right there.

Having worked with a lot of businesses and government entities, I know an organization can only do as well as the people working there will let it.

Yes. Management sets the vision and the tone. Management sets the direction. But the CEO can’t be everywhere at once guiding every action of every employee. It’s not possible.

Yes but…

Sorry, no buts. If a business gives very poor customer service, a new customer service manager or new CEO will not lead the company to provide great service. Service will improve, but it will never be great. I can, but won’t, cite example after example.

The same is true of a sales team. If the sales team isn’t producing, new management won’t create a great sales team.

Think of it like this. Put everything on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 is lousy, 10 is great.

Let’s look at customer service. Assume service is now a 2. Very bad. New management can, maybe, if you get a great manager, improve service to a 5.

Why? Why can’t great management inspire teams to greatness? Because it takes core values and talent to be great. People who have good core values and talent will be good, maybe at level 6, even under poor management. When management improves, they can do better because of the freedom to do so. Above average people will buck against a bad system or they will leave frustrated.

Simply put, when circumstances are bad, good people either find ways to do an above average job or they leave. So a very poorly performing team is never going to rise to above average. Never. The core values aren’t there.

Nasty people stay nasty. Lazy people stay lazy. People who don’t want to learn anything new stay dumb. People with horrible people skills won’t become “people people”.

If a team is seriously under performing at your business, you must get new people.

That’s a reality few upper managers want to face. It’s easier to lose money than to build a new team. Waste money on consultants. Pay for trainings. It’s won’t work. Consultants and trainings only pay off when provided to good people because good people want better.

To hammer the point, look at any very successful team in sports or business. The real building always starts with new members.

Sorry, but that’s a cold reality.

Chris Reich