Yummy. All my friends tell me I have a great idea. Chocolate covered pickles will be the next big thing. Even my best friend, who hates pickles, thinks I have a great idea.

All I need is a name for my brilliant idea, a website that looks beautiful and a great marketing plan. Then I’ll need to hire a great accountant to count all the money sure to come rolling in!

Business is so obviously easy I cannot understand why the failure rate is so high. (80% of businesses fail within the first five years—fewer than half last a year)

I suppose it’s all about the name. People just don’t come up with a catchy name. I’ve got it! Pickolates! That combines pickles and chocolate. It sounds exotic and intriguing. I can get pickolate.com.


See how easy this is? Damn I’m good.


2 weeks later…

The web designer just can’t seem to get it. I have a great concept but he just can’t make my idea look good. I’m cutting my losses and going with someone else.

2 weeks later…

Well, not exactly what I want but way better than the first guy. The new site goes up tomorrow and I’m running ads in magazines, TV and radio. An advertising blitz to go with the new site should really put this venture on the map!

I’m worried. Can I handle all the calls that will come in on Friday? Can the website handle the traffic? Can my accountant handle this much business?

2 weeks later…

Advertising people just don’t listen. I told them exactly how I wanted my ads but they insisted on changing my wording. All that money and no calls. From here out, everything is going to be done my way. Period. I’m putting another ad group together right this minute as I enjoy a chocolate covered pickle and a warm glass of milk. Ummm, doesn’t that sound yummy to you? I know, if word gets out, I’ll be fine.

2 weeks later…

I just don’t get it. I have a great idea, the perfect name and I’m following my passion. Why aren’t people lined up to buy?

2 weeks later…

I give up. Got a job offer and I’m going to take it. I really don’t understand why these pickles didn’t sell. I think it was the website. That guy never did get it exactly the way I wanted it. Well, I just put up a notice that the business is closed. Hard day.

Next day…

This is weird. I put up a notice on the website that the business is closed and the phone has been ringing all day. I sold all of the pickle inventory to restaurants at a small loss. I actually made a little on the chocolate inventory. The phone has been ringing constantly since I put up that notice.

I knew this was a good idea.

Too bad my marketing people never got it right.

Lesson learned. I should have just followed my instinct from the very beginning.

Next time.

I have a lot more great ideas.

I just need to save up a little money.

Chris Reich, TeachU