Today I’m going to recommend an excellent, and free, product. CCleaner. You know how you’re always getting those annoying pop-up ads for programs claiming to magically speed up your computer? Forget them ALL—except this one.

My computer really slowed down about a year ago. A friend in IT referred me to this superb utility. It cleaned up a ton of junk on my computer AND cleaned the registry. It really improved the performance of my computer. I’ve been using it for a year so I feel it’s now safe for me to recommend it to you. I have high and cautious standards.

Yes, it’s free. And by free, I mean, it really is free. Not as in free but with tons of irritating advertising. It is free as in no information about you is collected—free as in you don’t HAVE to give them anything.

I run it once a week and my computers all perform beautifully.

Okay. I would like to ask something of you.  The CCleaner website has button for you to make a donation. There is no pressure to do so. But, it would sure be cool if people who produce products this good and offer them for free, prospered. Agree?

I’m not going to write a full review except to say this. It works. It’s easy to use. It’s safe. And there is no catch.

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
[email protected]