Building community around your product is the most important marketing step you can take. It used to be branding. Now it’s community. People have less brand loyalty than they have business loyalty if they feel that they are important—part of something.

You build community by opening every line of communication possible. Answer the phone. Reply to emails. Call back.

Look, it’s a lot cheaper to give great service and make people want to talk about your business than it is to advertise your business.

Now is the time. Don’t miss this great opportunity. Market share is “on sale” now for a limited time.

Think of it this way. A lump of bread dough rises and becomes a loaf. Get your loaf while it’s just a lump of dough and watch it rise. Later, your competitors will be eating crumbs. And you’ll have all the dough.

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
[email protected]