There is Hope…
I visited clients on the east coast recently and I saw some very amazing things.

There are businesses doing incredible things with solar energy. I saw very well-run businesses making a difference and a profit. Easy? No. Possible? Yes. I’m very proud of the businesses I met with. Very proud. I wish I could write about the specifics. NDAs won’t let me.

I visited the Boeing plant in North Charleston, South Carolina. I actually saw a Dreamliner being built. That was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. And then I spent a day on the roof of the Boeing plant reviewing the solar installation. There are over 10 acres of thin film solar capable of producing 2.5 MEGA watts. Incredible. (Pictures not allowed unfortunately)

What separates the companies that are thriving from those that are shriveling?

The thriving companies are well-managed. They encourage their talent. They look out for their talent. They communicate with their talent. They encourage and reward talent. They listen.

Your company could be doing better.

I’ve been lucky enough to participate in helping many companies become better companies.

For the small company:
Don’t slack off. I have helped companies set up their own low cost marketing. After a short time, they get lazy. They stop posting to their blogs. They stop commenting on other blogs. They go in to the office late, sometimes not at all. “Why go in? It’s dead.” You go in because activity produces activity. Don’t waste another minute. There is always something you can do to improve your business.

For the bigger companies:
Start a pipeline for ideas (Hold a creative thinking workshop)
Put employee recognition at the top of all agendas

Communicate direction (Not the same as giving orders)
Give CLEAR goals

Encourage and reward education (Smarter people produce more)
If something isn’t working, stop doing it  (I see a lot of companies fail because of failure to quit)

Develop management from within (You can grow faster and more smoothly with greater loyalty)
Buy an education experience (Smarter people produce more)
I know your company could be doing better.
If you believe too, let’s get to work on making it happen.

Chris Reich