Wake up!

I simply cannot understand why service is so lousy at most businesses! Don’t you understand that we are in a tough economy and the war will be won on the battlefield of customer service?

Business has been slow. Businesses have cut back. But still, they can only cut so far. And the ones left do not have enough to do. They are used to wasting time. Come in late. Take longer breaks. Go home early.

The slow pace has lulled the workforce into laziness. Call that guy back? Maybe later. Maybe just send him an email. Deal with that prospective buyer? He just wants cheap, forget him.

This is laziness. I go from business to business and people tell me how busy they are. We are just slammed. We are so busy. Doing what?

Do this:
1. Focus on anything that produces business (TOP PRIORITY)
2. Provide world-class customer service (mistakes cost money)
3. Spend slack time developing new systems—some of the Excel and Access stuff I see is shameful. You can do better. Make a better way to track sales. Make a better to track quotes. Make a better way…

When you go home today, can you look at your work and say, “I made something better today”? If not, stay home. There are people who need work who can do better than you are doing. Failure to give your employer an honest day’s work is stealing. That includes management.

Today, do better.

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
[email protected]