loved today’s big news that Dell is going private in a $24 billion deal.

That’s a big company to take private and I hand it Michael Dell for leading the charge. Why am I so happy about this?

First, my main computer is a Dell. I hate it. The thing reboots itself at random times about 3-4 times per day! I wasted hours with the Dell support team in India trying to get this resolved. It has done it since I got it…anyone who really uses a computer for business understands how many hours it takes to start up a new machine. I wanted Dell to replace this hunk of junk and restore my hard drive. That would save me hours and hours. No, they have time to yack, upgrade drivers, etc., but no time to fix the problem. Dell stinks.

But wait!

“Dell” is no longer just a logo for junk made in China.

Once again, Dell is the owner’s name.

Call me naive but I think the quality and the service will improve with Michael Dell’s name on the box.

Steve Job’s really cared about what shipped with his name on it—Apple was his creation and he cared. Think Apple, think Steve Jobs. They are inseparable.

Apart from my lousy experience with Dell, I want to see more companies escape the clutches and greed of Wall Street. Wall Street drives greed and is focused  far too much on the quick return. If more companies would escape Wall Street and return to private ownership, we would see long term growth and job creation.

Look at the hundreds of companies trading at under $2. Those companies struggle with huge overhead to remain listed. Those costs could go back into the company instead of being sucked into quarterly reports.

Go Michael Dell! I wish you well.

Chris Reich,
FW78 (Yeah, still!)