If you want a better year in 2014 than 2013 was, you must do one thing above all others.

You must decide that 2014 will be better.

No, no philosophy nonsense. No faith. No name it and claim it. And no, you do not control the universe. In fact, the universe really doesn’t care about your business.

By deciding that this year will be better, you must accept that there are things you must change. You might need some marketing help. You might need to work with an editor to improve your writing skills. You might need to add a new service or raise prices. You will have to make both positive changes and certain improvements.

Yes, you could get hit by a bus. Remember, you don’t control the universe. But if you really are willing to make solid improvements, things will improve.

The alternative is to just do more.

I’m not going to more in 2014. But I will have an even better year—and 2013 was pretty good—because I will make those improvements.

What about you?

Chris Reich, TeachU