Who is this woman?

If you don’t recognize her, you’re in big trouble.

She’s your customer. She doesn’t just buy laundry soap and convenience meals. Not any more. She may not even care if her toilet bowl is springtime fresh. She’s probably never used Pinesol.

She buys tires, appliances, cars, telescopes, tools, computers, books, pet supplies and houses.

She works. She’s not the secretary. She’s the buyer for some potentially great B2B customers. She has authority because she makes good decisions.

With that authority, she buys lots of computers. She also buys expensive office equipment. She buys industrial equipment too. She buys mining equipment and cranes.

She hires talent. She keeps the books and pays the bills. She checks out potential vendors for her company. She runs many companies. She starts new businesses.

Her interests vary from cooking to science. She cares about the environment. She holds political office and wields considerable power. She controls more money than her male counterpart.

Something to think about.

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
[email protected]