There’s the question. If I told you I could drive 500% more traffic to your website within a week, would you want it? What would you pay for that result? Please take a moment to give that serious consideration and write down a figure. Please, write it down.

Now that you have a marketing proposition and [you] have set a price on the value to your business to make it happen, let’s look at it.

First, are you serious? If so, call me and we’ll do it. You have set the price, just be honest about the figure you wrote down.

But before you call, we need to go back to the original question. Do you really want 500 times the traffic? Why? Don’t you want more business?

The huge mistake most companies make when launching into a marketing ‘plan’ is that they have no plan. If I advertise using Google Adwords for my business, my goal is to get fewer and fewer clicks and more and more calls that turn into sales.

Don’t I need more clicks to get more traffic to get more sales? No. As I tune, tune, tune my message, keywords and ads, the clicks come only from people who understand that I am not offering free stuff or cheap advice. I want to filter out the people looking for free e-books or templates or free advice. Let them suck up the time of my competitors. I want clicks from people who are are ready to buy what I offer.

The goal of a marketing plan should not be more traffic. The goal should always be more business.

Go look through the emails you get every day from social marketing and SEO rackets. They all promise what? More traffic. So what!

When you read the ‘how to’ articles and watch the ‘experts’ on YouTube, pay attention to what they teach. Are they encouraging you to build traffic or sales? And no, more traffic does not mean more sales. Generally, more traffic means lower sales as a percentage of visitors! More traffic means more work, more expense and more time wasted.

Ideally you want less traffic and double the sales! Sure, in a fantasy world you want both increased traffic and increased sales. Of course. But if you are trying to raise traffic to increase sales, it won’t work. Raise the conversion rate first. That’s free and brings a great return. Then go after traffic.

Chris Reich, TeachU