This is so right. I love everything about this campaign. They address the comments you hear all the time about Domino’s Pizza. From the top down, management is transparent with the reality that their product was truly inferior. The total transparency makes me believe they really did make a big improvement in the product.

The only question is whether this comes too late. I don’t think so. I do think they could have greatly improved the product years ago and the word of mouth would have lifted sales without an expensive marketing campaign. They waited too long for that.

There are two lessons here. First, you must always be improving your product. We waste too much time and money improving systems to reduce cost instead of focusing on improving product. That’s an MBA disease. Cut cost, grow profits. That is a short-term, dead end strategy.

Cost cutting never grew a business. Sales must always come first. If your cost-cutting, Lean, 6-Sigma, Supply Chain boys don’t understand that, get new ones who do. Without sales, you’ve got nothing for those types to play with.

Second lesson is that transparency will not hurt you unless you hold back. Even the slightest opacity in your message will cause your consumer to doubt the rest of your message.

Go get ’em!

Good luck, Domino’s!

Chris Reich, Business and Marketing