No, this post isn’t going to be perfect. I’ll flub some grammar. Some sentences may not be the best in terms of readability.  I’m a very busy guy and unless you’re looking for a writer, the tip I’m about to give you will outweigh the erudition.

Stop trying to be perfect. Sure, deliver perfect service. But I see client’s trying to develop the “perfect” presentation or the perfect press release or the perfect wording for their website. They spend hours and hours debating silly wording or a picture on a slide that no one will remember. They want to get it right instead getting it interesting.

In fact, companies operating in this way, where every damn silly thing has to be reviewed by a hierarchy of silly people, usually ends up with very boring work product.

Go ahead. Try to please everyone and your entire effort will be so generic that it will have no impact.

Be afraid of normal. Fear being NOT controversial. If everyone likes your website, it will generate very little business—you’ll get the “safe” people.

But if your theme is a little different and not for everybody, those to whom it appeals will love your style.

Don’t fear making mistakes. Make a lot of mistakes. (I do)

Fear being normal. Fear attracting normal, boring clients.

Chris Reich