While there may be a bit of media hype around the swine flu outbreak, it could indeed halt the economic recovery. My clients are seeing signs of improvement. Business is picking up. But things could come to an abrupt halt if the swine flu becomes pandemic.

Employers: If any of your employees show signs of the flu, please send them home. You are responsible for our safety. If you fail to send a sick employee home, you are exposing us to a potentially dangerous disease. If you, the boss, are sick, stay home. Do you want half your employees out with the flu? You can prevent that. Take a couple days off and rest.

Everyone: If you are sick, stay home. Please. If you handle food in your work, it is very irresponsible of you to do so while exhibiting flu symptoms. 

Carry hand-sanitizing gel and clean your hands often.

We can’t afford a health disaster. But we can prevent or at least ameliorate one.

Bottom line? Ethics. If you are showing flu symptoms, it’s not ethical for you to expose your illness to others for the sake of your wallet.  Think about it. If you go to work with the flu, you’re saying that your money is more important than my health. And if I live with someone with a weak immune system such as an elderly relative? Your act of greed could kill that person. Shame on you.

Chris Reich
Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
[email protected]