Here’s a guy who deserves to be fitted with an orange jumpsuit. The corruption of Wall Street isn’t part of the U.S. economic problems, it’s the heart of the U.S. economic problems.

The guy pictured below, Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs CEO, was at the helm of a company off-loading paper the company knew would fail onto unsuspecting investors. A company that knowingly screws its customers doesn’t deserve to remain in business.

Ethics. Ethics. Ethics.

Look at this guy. He’s robbing your 401k. He’s putting the country into debt. He’s raising your taxes.

To remain a customer of a company that would act in such a manner means one is either very stupid or in on the corruption.

If we, as citizens, don’t demand the regulators do their jobs, greed will rip this country apart.

Dump Goldman Sachs.