March 6, 2013

What is going on?

I think the myth we are supposed to believe goes like this: When times get tough, we all pull together.

I’m sure not seeing that.

Yesterday I had a conversation with an executive about an employee taking a supposed false disability leave. The question for me was, “doesn’t that show the other employees how to get away with a phoney disability? What can I do?”

Is it that bad? I told him that if he has a staff that will learn that sort of behavior from a cheat, he should clean them out now. When one person gets away (so far) with something wrong, does everyone follow?

We’re not there yet.

Still, I see a lot of danger signs that ethics are deteriorating. From “strategic foreclosures” to men walking away from their kids to take up with girl friends, people are skipping out on responsibilities.

What’s happening?

If more of us would do the right thing we’d have a lot less trouble right now. Before blaming Washington, look at yourself. We all need to do that.

Chris Reich,
FW: 87 (I’m deep in the biographies of Joyce)

Chris Reich

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