Business Failure

Failure IS an Option

There’s an expression that says “Failure is NOT an option”. Maybe in movies, but in real life, failure happens every day.

I often am called to work at companies teetering on the brink of failure. There are times when I tell the owners that they haven’t failed. They gave it a great go but they didn’t catch any breaks. An unforeseen market shift, a series of mechanical breakdowns or the financial collapse of a big customer can bring a fragile business down fast. Sure, we should plan for these things but I tend not to place blame on people who are trying hard to make things work.

Then there are those who are doomed to failure because of their behavior. I have no compassion for an owner when I see unethical business practices. Once the standards of right and wrong begin to erode away,  it is only a matter of time before the business will implode. There is no great insight in that. You already know this. Right?

But what is overlooked by the shady player is that the crash, when it ultimately comes, is far worse than the consequences around a mere failure.

People are forgiven when they fail. People who Ponzi their way in business leave a lot of angry victims behind.

Think about it. If your business practices have slipped over the line, bring them back, make things right before it all falls on your head.

Need help? It’s not east to take that step and it’s not easy to admit fault. But your business can get back on the path to success if you act soon enough.

Why wait?