Stumble into a conversation about the Presidential election and the topic of fear quickly comes up. McCain scares me. Obama scares me. You’ll hear one of these statements almost every time you ask someone about their leanings in this election.

Do we have that much to fear?

I wonder what other areas of our decision making is dominated by fear. If fear, rather than reason, controls so much of American thinking, I doubt the best possible business decisions are being made. Some people are afraid to invest in their business. Some are afraid to continue business. Some are afraid to quit. Some are afraid to change their website. Some are afraid to hire new people. Some are afraid of their customers.

There is too much fear. Fear is crippling. Fear paralyzes. Fear leads to bad decisions in spite of the fear of doing the wrong thing!

Get over it.

While your competitors struggle with their fears, make a bold move and you’ll pull ahead. They won’t catch up, they’ll be too afraid to try.

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
[email protected]