There are two ways to sell: Through Fear or Benefits

Take a look at the election, the bailout, Iraq, global warming—just about everything big happening these days. Notice that fear is used as the primary means of persuasion. If we don’t pass the $700 billion bailout, the economy will collapse. If we don’t “win” in Iraq, the terrorists will come and get us. If we don’t stop producing greenhouse gases every animal on the planet will go extinct.

McCain wants us to be afraid of Obama. If Obama wins, we’ll lose our wars and plunge into socialism.

But fear isn’t working like it used to. McCain is, thankfully, slipping fast in the polls. The public isn’t buying Sarah Palin’s silly winks, folkisms and fear mongering. We see through the facade. Even Joe Six Pack wants a competent president. We know the country needs brains, not mavericks.

The public wasn’t so anxious to be saved by the bailout. The war in Iraq is not “winnable” and the public knows it. Only the people of Iraq can solve their internal problems. Reason is playing a greater part in the global warming discussion in spite of Sarah Palin’s blather at the recent debate.

If your marketing approach is fear based, “buy from me or you might get screwed”, it might be time to shift to a benefit approach. “Buy from me because I guarantee my work and provide great service.” 

People are beginning to see through the fear tactics. As money gets tighter, people seek benefits. You’d be wise to start enumerating the benefits of doing business with you. Fear isn’t working.

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
[email protected]