Business stress and what to do about itThere is a cause for feeling stress in business. I see it every day. I experience it myself.

The primary cause for stress in business, and perhaps other areas of life, is loss of focus.

When I see an entrepreneur begin to get stressed out, I can just around and see the tasks that blurred focus. Too much to do, too many demands, too many things to think about all pull us out of focus.

The successful business person, the great great CEO or manager, recognizes this when it starts and will order a suspension of activity until focus is regained. Ever heard that at work? “Let’s table this until we get that under control.” That’s wisdom.

So stop. Are you feeling stressed?

Now ask yourself this: “Do I see the whole picture clearly or are things slipping from control?” That’s the focus coming and going.

As the tasks pile up, we begin to feel the stress. That’s not from having too much to do. We know we have too much to do—people in business are driven. They drive themselves to have too much to do.

It’s when they lose focus that the tension rises.

What to do?

The one thing we should spend the most time doing. Think.

When you stop and think about the total picture, you regain focus. When you regain focus, the stress goes down.

Some people call it meditation. Some go to the gym. It’s about putting on the brakes. Stopping the action. Stop and focus.

Don’t believe me?

Try it.

Chris Reich, CEO, TeachU