Every hairdresser swears an oath when they complete their internship and are presented with their diploma wrapped scissors. The first tenet of that oath is “First, harm no doos.”
A bad haircut or style is the epitome of bad service because it will stay with you longer than the chili from a bad diner. You share your experience with the world.
If your business sells a less than perfect product or provides poor service, word will get around.
Oddly, many businesses don’t seem to care enough about their customers to prevent this highly effective “anti-advertising”.
Have you considered usability testing your product, service or website? It’s a simple way to find the rough spots. Smoothing those rough spots can bring a windfall of goodwill and profit to your business. This applies to nearly every business.
Think about conducting simple usability tests. It can be done for far less than you might imagine. The rewards are huge.
Shameless Promotion: I can help you design and execute a suitable and inexpensive usability test for your product, service or website. Surveys don’t work. People will only write nasty stuff on a survey if they’re really mad.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog