Formula for Business Success

Chris Reich of TeachU offers this guaranteed formula for business success.

Business = small idea Multiplied by [THINKING, HOMEPAGE, ETHICS, ORGANIZATION] (Note: THEO is Greek for “gods” or, luck, if you prefer, which you will need to succeed) divided by MANAGEMENT because Management almost always diminishes ideas, thinking, homepages, ethics and, yes, organization—you determine by how much. Set the vision and give lots of encouragement and management has a value of 1. Yes, 1. And 1 is the best you can do because a number divided by 1 is that number. Micro-manage every aspect and person and management has a value of 1000. A divisor of 1000 will greatly diminish the product of your idea, thinking, homepage, ethics and organization. Additionally, give no encouragement and management’s divisive value rises 10 fold. Do the math. It’s very destructive. Call bad management diminishing.

To this we add FAILURE, lots of FAILURE, FAILURE to the 10th power because Failure means you’re trying new things and many of those things will NOT work. But if you’re not afraid to fail, you will, yes will, occasionally have a BIG WINNER. If you fear FAILURE, play it safe, you will not have the BIG WINNER but you might survive. Maybe.

And then to this you add Physics because we must operate within  the physical laws of the universe. You can’t beat gravity, you can’t travel back in time to fix bad decisions and you can’t stop entropy. You can travel light which reduces the effect of gravity. You can deal with bad decisions by looking forward, not backward. You can control entropy by not maintaining a closed system and by constantly putting in energy to off-set entropy.

Finally, multiply all by “c2″ aka, celeritas, aka the speed of light squared because that IS the speed of business today!

Happy New Year

Chris Reich, TeachU