Get Up, Now!

August 12, 2011

I was unfriended for telling someone what I’m about to tell YOU. Maybe you too will unfriend me. 

Here’s one of the most important tips you’ll ever receive. Only a small fraction will do it. Maybe 1% of those who read this. Maybe fewer.

Look at what you are good at or perhaps even just average. Now, immediately go to work on getting better at those things. Read, study, experiment, work, struggle—whatever it takes to constantly get better and better at whatever your things are. Add things as you age and mature. Constantly evaluate what you are good at and work to get better.

This takes work. Learning is not easy, especially when you don’t have to. You’ll never regret having knowledge and improving your skill set. 

The economy is going to get a lot tougher. Lots of people will be thrown overboard by companies ‘trimming fat’. Are you company fat?

When the axe swings in your direction, will you be ready?

Make the effort now. Quit whining and start winning. It’s all up to you. If you can read this, you have access to nearly all the collective knowledge of mankind. There are no excuses.

If enough of you (I have done this all of my life) do this, we can turn this economy around. We’ll see “Made in USA” on more products. We will even see the national debt decline. (Productivity = Revenue = Tax Dollars)

Here’s your alternative. You hit your 50’s and lose your job to someone who will do your job for less. You lose your health insurance and maybe your home. 

This story happens over a million times a year nowNow. Today. 2011.

And you?

Chris Reich

Chris Reich

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