The great physicist, Wolfgang Pauli, was once asked to review a paper written by a student who was not well thought of by his professor. The professor wanted confirmation of his opinion of the student from Pauli.

When he finished reading the paper Pauli remarked, “he’s not even wrong.”

Oh how I love a quick mind!

Today there is too much jargon, too much gibberish about metrics and too much talk about continuous improvement though nothing of importance improves.

A recent client told me about an initiative to improve their billing processes. I recommended improving their product offerings and service. That suggestion was met with a sneer. A familiar sneer that says, “we know what we need.”

Indeed they do know what they need. But that company has no understanding what their customers need. They don’t know what their employees need. They do not know what their business needs.

There are some managers and owners who aren’t even wrong.

To be wrong, you at least have to be on the right problem. Thinking you must find a leaky pipe when your sales are diving isn’t even wrong. It’s lost.

Chris Reich,