Google offers a 100% free service for all website owners: Google Analytics. As they say in advertising, “accept no substitutes!”

One of the first questions I ask new clients is whether they have set up analytics for their website. Very few answer yes. Of those, it’s rare to hear from a business owner who ever looks at his stats.

This is probably the most important vital sign of your business. Nearly all the answers to nearly all of your business problems can be revealed through Google Analytics.

So why do so few small business owners set up or look at analytics?

First of all, you have to know it exists. Now you do if you didn’t before.

Then you have to want to bother with it. Take my word, the stats are critical to your business. You need this information. Do it.

Next, you have to know how to set it up. Search for Google Anaytics, log in, follow the instructions. Like most web stuff, there is a little cloak and dagger mystery but it’s only about a 5 on the 1-10 difficulty scale. You can do it. If not, pay me for an hour and I’ll do it for you.

NOTE: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ACCEPT A SUBSTITUTE. You can run more than one system. The free system offered by your  web host isn’t enough. Their stats are generally not useful. Stay with Google.

Finally, look at your site stats at least once a week. Learn what all that valuable information means. Respond accordingly.

The best analog to this is a doctor with no information trying to cure a patient. You want a healthy business? You have to have information.

Get on it.

Chris Reich, TeachU
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