There are always breakdowns before breakthroughs. If you cannot accept that, you do not belong in business for yourself. You can delegate tasks but not responsibility. Buck up. Grow up.

“Breakdown before breakthrough. Breakdown before breakthrough!

There will come a breakdown before your breakthrough; and it probably will not be pretty. The breakdown is like the caterpillar stage which comes before the butterfly becomes pretty.

When you strive to accommodate the discomfort that comes with growth, you can be sure that you are indeed growing. Plans do sometimes disintegrate. Plants decay to yield compost that improves the soil for new growth.

Keep your head up and refuse to breakdown before your breakthrough comes through. The decomposition process takes place below the ground; to release the nutrient resource from which the resilient palm trees grow.”

I am proud to call Babajide Faseyi my friend.

These are wise words.

All business plans must be constantly fine-tuned and adjusted. The best plans can be improved. The best plans can be displaced by even better plans. And sometimes things just do not work out.

You can blame others or the universe itself, but the person who will succeed is the one who grows and learns and adapts.