I recently saw this at a trade show for sales professionals. Very few businesses are utilizing this amazing technology that is 100% guaranteed to increase sales.

During the demo, most of the attendees were too busy playing with their I-Phones and Blackberries to catch the significance of this game changing device. While the text messages were flying and emails thumbed out, the demo actually got past the heads of most in attendance.

What is this amazing device? It’s a land line telephone.

When was the last time you used one to actually listen to what a prospect or customer wanted?

Or were you too busy playing I-Phone?

I really WAS at a conference last week. I really did see people, working in a very expensive trade-show booth, stop listening to the person in front of them to take a call on their damn I-Phone. I saw dozens of people walk past booths while “sales personnel” played I-Phone.

I’m really getting sick of attending lectures where half the attendees are texting.

But that’s okay. Those who are early adopters of the land line telephone, those who never have to say, “can you hear me?”, will get the sales.

There was time that Scott McNealy of Sun Microsystems actually banned the use of all fonts except Arial and Times Roman because of the man hours lost to font fiddling.

I think we need to reduce I-Phone fiddling.

Chris Reich