No matter what business you are in, price is going to be an issue. This is especially true today. (That’s actually an unnecessary statement because “today” is always.) There is a question you need to ask your prospect when the price issue starts to bog things down.

Yes, you can talk about quality, durability and service. But then, who doesn’t? Your competition says the same thing. Have you ever heard “we’re a lot cheaper because we give lousy service”? Not likely.

Since most products within a given price range will pretty much deliver the same thing, I like to ask people how they would like to arrive.  A Wal-Mart disposable cell phone makes calls just as well as a $400 I-Phone. Which phone would you prefer to display to your colleagues when that custom ring-tone blasts off?

A used Yugo will probably get you to your meeting. But wouldn’t you rather pull into the client’s parking lot in a new Lexus?

You see, the question is really this: How do you want to arrive?  Think about that next time you’re in a price discussion.

If you need a little more help with this idea, think about the experience of the better (your) product. Are better things a pleasure to use? Industrial products? Okay, isn’t it great when everything fits beautifully and the product works smoothly? It’s about the experience.

Chris Reich