How to Imediately Reduce Stress

January 22, 2014

Business not going well? Too many deadlines and not enough time in the day? Boss constantly picking at you? Personal life a mess? Whatever is adding stress to your life can be corrected. We all know that. But what can be done to lower the stress in any situation? Stop and think.

The Titanic sank in 2 hours and 40 minutes. There were over 2,200 people on board. When they hit the iceberg and began taking on water, the captain was under a lot of stress. Agree? Had he stopped to think, he might have realized that his order to speed forward was flooding the bulkheads and causing the ship to sink. Had he stopped to think, many, many more lives would have been saved. I point this out because there are readers who will say, “but you don’t understand my pressures.” True. And?

That’s right, stop and think. Take a walk

Chris Reich

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