TeachU wants to help build morale at your business!“I just don’t care.”

If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard that this year, I’d be able to take the rest of this year off!

Why are so many talented employees telling me they don’t care about their work?

Because they can’t care. If they did, the stress would eat a hole in their stomach.

The people on the front lines, the ones doing the work, the ones who see the missed opportunities, the ones who experience the cuts, the ones who want to perform, those people are being pettily micro-managed to paralysis.

Don’t do this, don’t do that. We’ll think about it. Let’s wait and see. We’ll talk about it sometime. We’re too busy (my favorite) now. [You hear that one when business is in the tank]

As the wheels of business grind to a halt, why is management killing the morale of the very workers who care about and depend upon their jobs?

Why are they killing morale by minimizing every thought and suggestion that comes from the people who are afraid of losing their jobs?

People tell me every day that they have to stop caring or the stress will pile up.

Do you want your employees to stop caring?

I have to say that this is probably the stupidest thing I see happening at businesses around the country. Management, by treating employees poorly, is willing to allow people to stop caring.

Don’t expect your employees to tell you they don’t care. They know where that goes.

I hear it. I hear it at factories, hotels, airlines, and business suites.

Shameful. We have the seed of economic recovery within our reach and we don’t care enough to act. We don’t care enough to give a positive bit of encouragement. We don’t care enough to listen. We don’t care enough to have a short meeting and let talent put some ideas on the table.

The bottom line? We don’t care enough to treat employees with the respect that will pay the business back with huge returns.


Arrogance. Pride. (I can’t come down to your level) Fear. (If I get close, they’ll want more from me)


Get over yourself.

People who work for you are smart enough to know that if you succeed, they are secure.

That’s what they want. Security.

You fear that if they feel secure they’ll “slack off”.

I have news for you. The slacking began with, “I don’t care.”

Fix it. If you don’t, your business may not survive the 2-3 more years of recession we are likely facing.

Those who wake up and start treating their people with respect will see improvement immediately.

Chris Reich