Tisk tisk. Task, task, task, tasks. I am busy. Sorry, too busy. Can’t, busy. You busy? Yes, busy. Still busy.


Wow, glad this week is done. Done. Get much done? Well done?

Well, lots of tasks make for a busy week but not necessarily a productive week.

Yes, it is good to have a “to do” list. Good to be organized. Prioritized.

But here’s news to hear. Read it out loud so it gets in your ear.

Business is not a series of tasks. Business is an art. Business is a symphony. Business is music.

Imagine the musician who looks at, considers, then plays each note. Each note as a note. Note by note.

That would be his task. Complete each note.

Would that be music?

I think not.

So when your day becomes a list, it’s time to step back and listen. If there is no music, you have lost your focus.

But tasks must be done! Yes indeed, Shirley. But if the goal is made of tasks, success will not come your way. And if it did, you’d be too busy to notice.

Get done what needs doing today. But if you’re going from task to task and not tuning and practicing with that beautiful instrument you call a business, you aren’t making music, just noise.

What should you put on your list?
1. Prioritize the list
2. Cut the list
3. Get up and take a walk—ask yourself this: What can I do to make this business better?

Why jot this note about notes?

It was on my list.

I saw too many people focused on lists and losing track of notes this week.

Chris Reich, CEO, TeachU