Improving a Hotel?


You want to fill up during the week? You want business clients who won’t wreck the place? Stay for days? You want business clients who are quiet and pay well?

Easy. So easy I don’t understand why the best (Marriott) only gets this about 70% right.

The bed.

I want the best bed in the world because I hate riding on United’s puny airplanes all day. I  want to sleep well so I can I can do my best work. Is that so hard to understand? Then why are 99% of hotel beds suitable for a Turkish prison? And, no, I don’t mean to insult Turkish prisons.

I have work to do. Give me a damn chair that won’t kill my back.

Without exception, I have never stayed in a room that was comfortable to work in. No, I could work. I got my work done. I start by clearing away the 25 tent cards and little signs that tell me about all the crap in the hotel that belongs in a book, in a drawer and not taking up all the damn desk space.  I would like to get my knees under the desk. I would like a chair that won’t kill my back. I’d like a desk that is bigger than my laptop.

In your room, hotel squire, I plan to work and sleep and bathe. Give me nice towels. I don’t like gym towels.

Yes, it’s 2010. I need an internet connection and I will resent like hell a $12 charge after I pay you $200 per night for my room. Internet is far more necessary than the noisy refrigerator you think I need. I always unplug it anyway because, again, I’m in your room to work, sleep and bathe. I’m not preparing meals or storing leftovers.

Finally, why must you put the wall mount air conditioner right next to the bed? I get to hear it go on and off all night 12″ from my head. It will fry my sinus. The room will go from 80 to 62 degrees and back all night.

Why don’t you understand that I want to work, sleep and bathe in your room?

Chris Reich would love to work with Marriott to redefine a business hotel room.