As we head into the 4th of July holiday perhaps we should consider throwing some tea in the bay.
Procedures! We must follow procedures! “I’m sorry, but there is nothing I can do about that”. Vee have our procedures!
If you, as a manager, ever hear anyone at your company say “there is nothing I can do about that” you have a serious problem. That simple expression reflects a deeply rooted customer service problem. It also means you have a serious sickness in your corporate culture paralyzing your people on the front line of service.
THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO. You need to drill that over and over and over until your people understand that there is ALWAYS something they can do. You want to hear, “let’s see what we CAN do to fix this”. If they aren’t saying that, it’s your fault. Either you haven’t told them to say it or, more commonly, they are afraid of doing something that will get them in trouble. If there is even the slightest fear in your people to do something reasonable to help a customer, shame on you.
You can’t buy better service in the form of phone systems, software, automation or Indians (out-sourcing to India). Spend all the money you have on insulating your business from your customer and you will lose sales. Teach your people to give good service and your business will thrive.
Shameless Promotion: If you have the courage I can help you do big things at your business. Let me tell you upfront, positive change takes more courage than most managers of today have. Have the guts? Let’s talk.
Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog