I always associate the week of July 4th with my own independence. It’s the time I celebrate my work independence.

In reality, most people didn’t come to this country to escape persecution but rather to improve their economic prospects. The European countries had a caste system that fairly well determined a person’s financial status at birth. People came here to make money.

So if you’re reading this, you probably own or manage a business. People come here for independence too! Good for you.

Now here’s my question: Are you having fun?

If not, things at your business could be going a lot better. Yes, even if your business is struggling, you could be injecting fun into the workplace and seeing the fruit.

I’ve worked for clients who were not fun to work with. Their business suffered because they didn’t want, allow or encourage fun. I sometimes had fun doing things for them and those things were very productive ranging from marketing success to landing big sales. In fact, even at these not so fun businesses, me, being an outsider could have fun and be more productive than many of their own people.

If it’s not fun, think about changing things.

Having fun at work is one of the great keys to success. And those people who have done well but don’t have fun?

Oh, how much better they could have done. Sad.

Celebrate independence this week.

Have fun at work.

Chris Reich, TeachU
(FW: 130)