Are we that afraid of change?

This country has had poor leadership for 20 years. Look where we are now. Stuck in a very stupid war on terrorism with our border wide open. Just how dumb is that?

Our economy is slowing to a halt and the dollar is dropping to record lows while companies such as Meade Instruments send our jobs to China. How dumb is that?

We won’t trade with Cuba because of “human rights” violations while we operate a prison camp on the island of Cuba. How dumb is that?

Our biggest “trading partner”, China, is world’s most egregious human rights abuser and world’s greatest polluter. How dumb is that?

As food prices soar, we turn corn into fuel to run cars instead of seeking new technology to free us from the internal combustion engine. How dumb is that?

Along comes a change agent. The Republicans won’t vote for a “liberal”. Half the democrats prefer a liar—yes, the Clinton’s have a long history of lies. Bill Clinton inherited a peace dividend in the form of the end of the cold war. He blew it. Great Clinton economy? Let’s see, we had the dot com bust, Tycho and Enron. Bill looked the other way while greedy corporations screwed us. The World Trade Center was bombed while Clinton was President. Did he do anything about it? No. So Al-Qaeda came back a second time and succeeded. Still, half the democrats vote Clinton in these primaries. How dumb is that? (By the way, the demographic studies do show that smarter people do not vote for Hillary Clinton — Actually, the polls show, the dumber the voter is, the more likely to vote Clinton. That does make sense.

If this country is that afraid of change, we’re in serious trouble. If we get stuck with a guy that thinks he can win in Iraq or a women that can’t keep her facts straight, we’ll fall even further down than we are now.

How dumb is that?

Are we really that afraid?

Yes. I work with hundreds of businesses with a common thread: fear. They’ll continue to shrink as they grind out what little they can using the same methods they’ve always used. They are too afraid of making a mistake to do anything that could have positive impact on business. How dumb is that?

Chris Reich, Author of TeachU’s Business Talk Blog
[email protected]