Fun at Work Means Productivity
Think about the time you had the most fun working. Got it?
I’ll make a bet with you. I will bet that I can guess what that fun time at work was like. It wasn’t a party. Nobody delivered beer. Craziness didn’t break out. There was no dancing on the tables.
That time when you had the most fun work was the time you worked your hardest. You worked hard and did good work.
You probably worked unusually long hours.
You had fun.
We have fun when we do our best work, get the most accomplished and beat a crazy impossible deadline. Most of the time, the “fun” we’re having at work also involves collaboration. We got something big accomplished as a team.
So why is there so much resistance when I recommend bringing fun into the workplace?
If the most fun we’ve had on the job involves a long day of hard work accomplishing something important while working together, shouldn’t ‘fun’ be a desirable goal?
Two things keep us from having fun at work.
Management fears that fun equates to a breakdown of discipline and organization. And, it’s not understood how to get fun into the workplace.
Don’t worry about a breakdown in discipline. You’ll see an increase in productivity and a boost in morale. You’ll gain an improved retention rate as well.
Where to start?
Set goals and broadcast progress. Let people know that you can see progress. Let other people in the company know that great things are being done.
Show appreciation. Swallow your pride and recognize good work.
Most employees (at all levels) want to know:
  • What is expected of them
  • How they can exceed expectations
  • Whether (or not) YOU are pleased
How easy is that!?
Chris Reich, TeachU